Winter Health Care for your Perth Pets

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August 31, 2017
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pet supplies and jumpers to keep your pet warm this winter

It’s not only we humans who suffer through the cooler weather and colds and flu that come with winter time in Perth.
Winter places extra demands on the health and energy levels of your pets too – and they do need a little extra TLC during these colder months, and City Livestock carry the pet supplies to keep your loved one safe and warm this chilly season.

Winter in Perth during 2016 was one of the coldest in over 20 years. We still have a bit of the winter of 2017 to go, so it’s time to brush up the health care regime for your Perth pets, both small and large.


When the mercury drops, curling up with a good book can be more tempting than walking the dog in the cold winter air.
But for your health and theirs, it’s best to keep up the walking regime to ensure your pet gets enough exercise and Vitamin D.
Perth is lucky to still enjoy a lot of sun throughout the winter months, so take advantage of it by getting outdoors with your pet when the sun is shining.
Indoor pets also need exposure to sunlight, so be sure to open curtains and blinds to let the sunshine stream through.


It’s not just us who need to avoid the winter bulge! Offering animals the right nutrition and diet is important for keeping your pet a healthy weight in winter.
Indoor pets who exercise less may be prone to weight gain, while outdoor animals might need an increased food intake to replace the energy expenditure of keeping warm.
We recommend a balanced diet customised to the needs of your individual pet, which may include a mixture of whole foods, omega 3 and wet and dry pet food options for optimum coat health and a strong immune system. Remember to keep hydration levels up too and always provide access to fresh water. We stock a wide range of pet foods and pet supplies and can help you choose the right food and products for your pet.


Pets with thick long coats can handle cooler temperatures, but their coat needs a little extra love in winter. You can keep your pet’s coat healthy in winter with a nutrient-rich varied diet and regular grooming. If your pet has short hair or is hairless, you might like to consider a dog coat or jumper for your pet to help keep them warm.


Just like us, animals are susceptible to illness during winter. It’s best to take a preventative approach by keeping them healthy with a nutritious diet and supplements like our range of herbal veterinary supplies.
Also be sure to offer a warm and soft place to sleep and a refuge from the cold, whether that’s inside or a warm dry kennel.

Following these simple steps will help you look after your Perth pets in winter. Remember here at City Livestock we can help with all your pet supplies and dietary needs. Contact us or visit in store today.

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