Dog Supplies

Dogs are man’s best friend, and here at City Livestock we have everything you require to keep your best pal happy and healthy. Whether you are just wanting to stock up on dry dog food, pick up some flea products, or buy a few new treats or toys for your mate, we have you covered.

We can also help out with shampoos and brushes, large and small beds and rugs, waterers, kennels where they’ll feel right at home, dog coats for the cooler months, and vitamins to keep them strong and healthy. If your pup has specific allergies or needs, just have a chat to one of our staff members to find out which products will work for them.

At City Livestock, we offer and recommend the following dog food brands:

  • Advanced
  • Advanced Pet Care (local)
  • Supercoat
  • Black Hawk
  • Tucker time
  • Pedigree
  • Alert
  • Cobber
  • Coprice

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