Bird Stock Feed Suppliers

As Perth’s leading pet suppliers, we stock all the leading food brands, toys, feeders and accessories for birds of all sizes and types. Our food brands include Golden Fields, Vetafarm, WACGP, Wombaroo and Passwell Aristopet. If you’re searching for something specific for your feathered friend, we also do customised mixes on request.

We are able to source large and small bird cages, feeders, bird toys to keep them occupied, nesting materials to create the perfect little home, and medications that we can advise on. Our dedicated team wants to ensure that your pets are set up in a safe and comfortable environment, and can assist you in choosing the right food, housing and accessories for your feathered pal.

The following mixes are available on our shelves, or customisable to your needs:

  • Aviary mix
  • Budgie mix
  • Small parrot
  • Large parrot
  • Pigeon
  • Canary mix
  • Finch
Customised mixes are available upon request (just ask!)
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