Vet Supplies

At City Livestock, we know that you want to provide your pets and animals with the highest level of care possible - which is why we stock a wide range of veterinary products to keep your animals healthy and safe. Whether you are looking for protection from fleas and ticks, need help with vaccinations, or need something to settle a stomach, we can help. For your cats and dogs, we stock many quality brands including Frontline Plus, Advantage, Advocate and Revolution.

If you are searching for something for your slightly larger animals, we also stock many different excellent brands for cattle and horses, including Panacur, Noromectin and an assorted range of worming pastes.

If you’re just looking for the basics, we also have the following in store:

  • Elastoplast
  • Vet wrap
  • Bandages
  • Cotton wool rolls
  • Wound cleansers / healers
  • Tetanus and strangles injections

Not sure what you need for your animals? Want some advice on care and wellbeing? Get in touch with the City Livestock team or drop by for a chat - we’re here to help.

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