Garden & Farm Supplies

Garden and Farm Supplies in Perth

City Livestock is proud to be Perth’s one-stop-shop for all garden and farm supplies. With over 15 years of local experience, our professionals provide a wide range of premium products and supplies for areas big and small. From your backyard veggie patch to acres of land, we’ve got you covered when it comes to gardening and maintenance.

With products selected specifically for their practicality and effectiveness in Perth’s unique climate and landscape, you can be confident in our expertise and commitment to supporting the health of your garden.

In addition to gardening supplies and farm supplies, we also stock a wide range of products for livestock and animals. You’ll find quality feeds, accessories and supplies to keep your farm or property running smoothly.

Chat with our experienced garden and soil professionals for expert advice on gardening in Perth.

Catering to All of Your Gardening Needs

Whether you’re an avid gardener or are just starting out with a tiny backyard veggie patch, we can help. We boast the know-how and products to help you cultivate a healthy garden. From aiming to increase water retention or taking control of weeds and pests, our experienced Perth professionals can help.

Specialising in garden supplies and soil supplies in Perth, our products include:

  • Straw, pea straw, lucerne straw and wheat/barley straw
  • Granulated and compound fertilisers
  • Pixie mix
  • Potting mix
  • Cow, sheep, chicken and blended manure
  • Soil improver

Rural Supplies in Perth

Life in Perth’s rural areas has given us a unique understanding of what works best in our landscape. Products sold along the east coast or in other areas of Australia won’t always yield the best results in our climate. When it comes to gardening or maintaining properties in Perth, it’s always best to speak to a local that knows their stuff.

With extensive experience, and through trial and error, our professionals have carefully selected our rural supplies in Perth. Taking care of everything from soil improvement and increased yield to weed control and maintenance, we’ve got the range and knowledge to help you, your garden and your farm.

For rural supplies made to last in Perth’s unique soil and climate, chat with our experienced team.

Understanding Perth Soil

One of Australia’s most unique regions, understanding Perth’s soil is essential to getting the most out of it. At City Livestock, we’ve been working locally for over 15 years and have a comprehensive understanding of Perth’s unique climate and it’s abundant soil.

We’re well versed on the positives and negatives of our climate and specialise in providing expert advice on how to manage our sandy soil and hot, dry weather. With first hand experience in growing and gardening across Perth, our professionals understand how to maximise your output with the perfect blend of soil, water and product.

For knowledgeable and reliable advice on gardening and growing in Perth, visit our helpful team in store or call or email us. We’re more than happy to pass on our tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your garden.

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