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Poultry Feed Supplies in Perth

Looking for the perfect poultry feed for your chooks, hens and ducks in Perth? Browse our range of high quality formulations or create your very own poultry feed with help from our experts.

With over 15 years of experience providing poultry supplies across Perth, City Livestock is WA’s trusted team for high quality poultry feed supplies. From hens roaming freely around your backyard to ducks quacking outside of your kitchen window, our premium poultry feed supplies keep your hens and ducks happy and healthy.

We’re proud to provide a wide range of poultry feed supplies, accessories, products and more across the state. For WA poultry supplies, contact the experts at City Livestock.

Finding the Right Poultry Feed

At City Livestock, we’ve been one of WA’s most trusted poultry suppliers for over 15 years. When it comes to understanding what your chooks want, we’ve got you covered.

Finding the right poultry feed can be frustrating and difficult; chooks are known for their pickiness and fussy appetites! While finding a great tasting feed is important, it’s important to ensure that you're choosing the best nutritional options for your poultry.

The City Livestock professionals have formulated the perfect poultry mix that your chooks and ducks will love. Packed full of essential nutrients and vitamins and blended with a special grain selection that’s much more substantial than many other feeds, our poultry feed is ideal for the health and happiness of your chickens and ducks.

Give your pets the best possible feed for a long and healthy life with City Livestock’s extensive range of poultry feed supplies. Your poultry will love you for it!

For Happy and Healthy Hens

Any pet or poultry owner knows that the health of your animals depends on nutritional, tasty, healthy and high quality food. Our ultimate aim is to keep your poultry happy and healthy, so our range of poultry food supplies reflects this.

Our variety of poultry mixes are oil-based and contain essential omega oils to keep your chooks clucking away and feeling good. With a wide range of feeds available, our friendly team can guide you through our stock to help you select the ideal feed.

If you’d like to create something that’s tailored towards your poultry, you can collaborate with our experts to blend the perfect poultry mix.

In addition to poultry feed supplies, we stock a selection of supplements to ensure that your poultry is well looked after.

The City Livestock Difference

We’re proud to be a team of local experts boasting extensive knowledge and skill in all aspects of poultry feed and supplies. Chat with our professionals to learn more about our WA poultry supplies and high quality poultry feed options. Draw upon our knowledge and specialisation to create your very own custom blend feed - made just for your poultry.

Visit us in store, call or email us to learn more about what our happy and helpful team can do for you and your chooks.

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